Akrivia & Louis Vuitton LVRR-01 Chronographe A Sonnerie

Akrivia and Louis Vuitton have joined forces to create the exquisite LVRR-01 Chronographe a Sonnerie. This collaboration has resulted in a stunning double-faced watch, enclosed in the platinum Tambour case, synonymous with the French fashion powerhouse.

On the front side, a mesmerizing sapphire dial awaits with six captivating gold cubes crafted in translucent fired enamel. As we turn the timepiece, the reverse side greets us with a more classic aesthetic. Adorned with a lustrous white grand feu enamel finish, the rear face reveals elegant scales for hours and minutes, along with traditional chronograph instruments.

To complete this masterpiece, the watch is presented in a Louis Vuitton trunk, proudly displaying the brand’s iconic monogram. Hand-painted horology details further enhance the allure of this exceptional timepiece.

Akrivia & Louis Vuitton LVRR-01 Chronographe A Sonnerie

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