Girard-Perregaux NEO Constant Escapement

Ten years after the release of the award-winning Constant Escapement L.M., Girard-Perregaux introduces the Neo Constant Escapement—a remarkable evolution of the timepiece. This groundbreaking watch incorporates a mechanism that utilizes the elastic and bi-stable properties of a buckling silicium blade. Produced through the sophisticated photolithography technique in a laboratory, its back and forth movement consistently delivers a constant force to the balance, thereby enhancing stability. Two independent 19th-century-inspired bridges provide support, while a balanced wheel adds a touch of refinement. The dial showcases this intricate complication, accompanied by a linear power reserve indicator that proudly exhibits a remarkable seven-day reserve. Encased in a Grade 5 titanium case measuring 45mm, the timepiece is completed with a fabric effect rubber strap.

Girard-Perregaux NEO Constant Escapement

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