The Urwerk UR-230 Eagle

Introducing the latest addition to Urwerk’s UR-200 collection: the UR-230 Eagle. This new generation timepiece showcases a sleek CTP carbon case, complete with a retractable cover that reveals a captivating spectacle. With the cover closed, the lower dial is elegantly displayed. Open the cover, and you’ll be treated to the mesmerizing sight of the entire revolving satellite complication. Admire the three-armed carrousel, each boasting a rotating block adorned with four-hour numerals. A skeletonized hand gracefully points to the minutes, enhancing the watch’s allure. Powering this sophisticated mechanism is the UR-7.30 movement, ensuring a 48-hour reserve of impeccable timekeeping. To complement this masterpiece, the UR-230 Eagle is paired with a Vulcarbonised rubber strap. This exceptional timepiece is limited to just 35 pieces, adding an exclusive touch to its undeniable magnificence.

The Urwerk UR-230 Eagle

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